The camp is intended to be mainly for participants who are interested in and interested in Lomilom and other Polynesian arts. For this reason, please only introduce our camp to such people. Anyone who is just interested, but is exploring and tuning in, is also welcome!

The quality of our attendance and attitude towards the exercises and daily tasks is important. Everyone participates in a day of cooking or washing up together and we clean up after ourselves.

This applies to everyone, there is no more payment to trigger this form of contribution. We give a lot and learn a lot. Of course in a way that allows you to participate in the daily activities.

Timing is also important, the daily programme starts and ends at a given time.

We work on clarity

We recommend participation for the whole week in the first instance.

What is ‘Ohana Aloha?

The Hawaiian word ‘ohana’ means extended ‘extended’ family. In a broader sense, the meaning is to cultivate relationships based on love. “Oha” means the taro (kalo) plant, a staple food in old Hawai’i, or more specifically, the part of it used for propagation. The word “Ana” meant creation and renewal.

Aloha means to share the “breath of life” left to us by the Creator.

alo, – to share in the present

oha – joy, happiness

ha – life force, breath

During the camp, you can choose from the following programmes:


– Lomilomi workshops!

We will learn an aspect of the rich Hawaiian lomilomi massage. We will also take care of those who have not studied lomilomi at all, by giving them the opportunity to try out the massage.

– Learning Hawaiian hula dances throughout the camp

– learning to haka dance

– Free dances

– Live music at the evening campfire

– Morning yoga

– Creative crafts



The price for the whole week of camp, including all activities and three vegetarian meals a day (not including accommodation): 65.000.

Payment in advance or on arrival on the spot.

Those who come for a few days rather than the whole week pay 14.000 HUF per day (+ accommodation fee).

Accommodation fee:

Accommodation for 14 persons in rooms for 3-4-5 persons with toilet and shower. Accommodation fee: 4500 Ft/night.

  1. in private tent with outdoor toilet and shower: 3000 HUF /person/night

Registration: info@huna.hu, +36 30 532 14 13

Children discount: free for children up to 10 years, half price for children between 10-16 years.

The child discount applies only to participation, not to accommodation. Children and students are exempt from tourist tax.

Everyone will be asked to help with cooking and washing up one day a week. We would like to ensure that this does not take up too much time before meals and in no way reduces the time spent attending the sessions.