About the trainer

ja1   I am Witold Stanisław Kucharczyk. I was born in Poland, and it was there in the 1980s that I began to be interested in the teachings of Hawaiian huna. I knew only a few simple techniques, but they were very effective! Following this, in 1997 I began to study Ma-uri  massage techniques. I studied Ma-uri massage in Denmark and New Zealand, and from 2002 I became an official trainer running courses for the Ma-uri Institute, which I finally finished in the summer of 2010.

My beginner Ma-uri teachers were Barbara and Marek Sułkowski, then I learned from Hemi and Katja Fox. Meanwhile, I studied Hawaiian Lomilomi both in Europe and on Hawaii.

My lomilomi teachers were Susan Pa’iniu Floyd and Aunty Maile Napoleon. I learned also Mana Lomi® from Maka’ala Yates. My hula learning started with kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a and Hope Keawe, and my ho’oponopono studies with Haleaka Ioani Pule.

I was impressed by stories about such significant teachers like Kahu Abraham Kawai’i and Auntie Margaret Machado altrough I never met them personally. Since 2008 I have been dealing with the teaching of Lomilomi and my experiences; and I have now forged a training package that is supported by the techniques I have learnt until now, the Integrated Lomilomi®. The training course is a congruent collection of massage techniques that complement each other. In 2008 I established the Witold Kucharczyk Education Centre in Budapest. In addition we regularly organise hula dance workshops too, amongst which the first were held by the Hawaiian dancers Kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a and Hope Keawe. Kumu Raylene by the time has left her body but forever will be present in our hearts.