Aloha ia o’ka a pa’ulo Meeting in love, we become one

The Polynesian experts named kahunas in Hawaii, tohunas in Tahiti and tohungas in Aotearoa (New Zeland) have already discovered a tight relationship between healthy internal and external relations,  emotions as well as physical health centuries ago and before the birth of contemporary western psychology. They discovered that by changing internal relations, it is possible to influence psycho-physiological symptoms, such as the energy level, the efficiency of creating powers and happiness. Isolated from other cultures, they developed simple and efficient means to restore balance in our relationsips, in shaping our destiny, in redefining the meaning of life, as well as good general condition and health. “Waiho wale kahiko” – The time to reveal the old secrets has come. The  knowledge of the kahunas has been accessible for only a narrow selected group through centuries. The kahuna candidates were selected by long tests and challenges. The activity of the kahunas was entirely forbidden and strictly punished until the 1970’s. Only certain part of the old knowledge could be revealed in the last 20-30 years. The guards of the knowledge (because this is the meaning of the word  ’kahuna’) carefully  allow (if at all) non-aboriginals to access the knowledge. Our goal here is to research and share the accessible  technics for increase  the quality of  life with the help of ethic principles, healthy relations and high vitality.   Please check our workshops!