Integrated Lomilomi Bodywork Retreat

A retreat workshop, classes from morning to late evening, inside, outdoors, focused on practical classes, learning through observation, exercises, corrections, self-corrections and proper interpretation of results.
We will learn traditional lomilomi massage, the ability to focus attention, and develop confidence in the art of reading information coming from the body of the massaged person.
We will also learn how to listen to our own body, which we study like a map, in order to understand how it releases blockages and allows the free flow of energy.
Integrated Lomilomi – the Witold Kucharczyk workshop combines carefully selected Hawaiian bodywork techniques, as well as the accompanying principles and spiritual values ​​drawn from various Polynesian sources.
In ancient times, Hawaiians, at important moments in their lives, such as the rite of entry into adulthood, assuming an important social function, pregnancy, childbirth, illness, mourning or the need to change the direction of life, turned to an appropriate specialist (kahuna) to use his knowledge to free from stress, fears, tensions, and egocentric perception of the world. The effect of such a procedure was a fundamental change in personality elements and the life situations created with their participation. Old patterns were replaced by new ones – consciously chosen. The goal was also to recognize the spiritual, divine element as the original creative force present in everything.
During the course, we will learn the full range of lomilomi massage and its various applications, which will allow us to perform such a massage in 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 hour versions. The training also includes: elements of hula dancing, working with the elements, the use of stones, hot towels, clay, salt and many other elements.
It consists of four 5-day workshops, 40 hours each, for a total of 160 hours. After completing the course, each participant will have a wide, clearly defined set of techniques and tools enabling their individual selection and adjustment to each client (or rather: guest), creating a unique session, free from patterns.
After completing levels 1+2, the Integrated Lomilomi Wellness level certificate is issued
After completing levels 1+2+3 – Integrated Lomilomi level 3 certificate.
After completing levels 1+2+3+4 – full Integrated Lomilomi certificate (160 training hours).

BASIC LEVEL (level 1 and 2: 2×5 days)
– joint stretching work (stretching)
– lomilomi full body massage in the basic version (after completing both first levels)
– basic steps from temple massages used during massage
– introduction to hula dancing – greeting and body reading
– breathing exercises
– an introduction to traditional Hawaiian ho’oponopono
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (Level 3: 5 days)
– advanced massage techniques and tricks
– four-hand massage
–  introduction to the spiritual side of massage
– more energizing breathing exercises
– working with the Elements
– touchless massage
– introduction to traditional Hawaiian ho’oponopono – practical exercises in pairs
ADVANCED LEVEL (Level 4: 5 days)
– free flow techniques
– Lomi ‘ili ‘ili – hotstone massage
– stress relief with a hot towel
– Lomi Pa’akai – use of salt (as well as clay and mud)
– exercises that sensitize the senses
– further energizing breathing exercises
– Lomi lole (clothed massage version)
– introduction to traditional Hawaiian ho’oponopono – practical exercises with a life goal
The workshop is intended both for professional massage therapists and for those who want to share the beneficial effects of massage with others, either as a hobby or a new, enjoyable job. For anyone who wants to master not only the techniques, but also the spiritual side of this art. For everyone who accepts that the Integrated Lomilomi® path is first self-healing and self-improvement, and only then helping others in self-healing and working with conscious correction of fate and destiny. It involves sincere searching and strengthens character traits such as honesty, justice, vigilance, self-discipline, and conscious presence.
What is needed is openness to knowledge, respect for Hawaiian culture and other participants, and the ability to distinguish and respect sacred forms. Students should be engaged in discovering who they are and whether they are truly themselves. No prior preparation is needed to participate in the workshop, but participants are encouraged to study anatomy on their own. Important: we do not consume alcohol or any other substances during the workshop intoxicating. The condition for participation is acceptance of this rule.
Lomilomi learning is available from a variety of teachers and in a variety of forms. The Integrated Lomilomi® course integrates techniques drawn from various Polynesian sources into one coherent system. In fact, each Hawaiian family, clan, or school taught in a way that was slightly different from the others, unique to itself. We will learn about various, complementary or alternative ways of working on a given body part, as well as their fusion. Witek was lucky to personally listen to the stories of Maoris and Hawaiians about their approach to life, ways of dealing with various situations, forms of treatment and prevention, challenges and dangers, myths and legends. During the course, he willingly shares this, knowing that it is important to learn hidden meanings and messages, cultural background and spiritual context. Witek is conducting a course with such an extended formula for the first time in Poland.
Because the workshop, in which we are constantly present for five days and nights, enables evening circles to share stories that expand the horizons of our understanding. The course will also include exercises that can be performed during the night. Also, not breaking away from the energy of the course and the group, without alternately falling in and out of the world of everyday life, voluntarily limiting, or better yet temporarily discontinuing, electronic gadgets, social media and everything that draws us into the flat, two-dimensional world of the Internet, is very conducive to maintaining a conscious presence, assimilating full of transmission and finally becoming Knowledge. We will follow in the footsteps of Polynesian Navigators. The course offers many opportunities for self-discovery and self-healing.
7:30 greeting of the day, greeting of the Sun
8:00 breakfast (on your own or can be purchased at the Pensjonat)
9:00 study
12:00 lunch, walk or rest
14:00 practice
18:00 dinner (on your own)
20:00 study 9.30 p.m. rest, sleep
* The first day of the course starts at 9:00
Level 1. May 11-15, 2024
Level 2. June 8-12, 2024
Level 3. August 21-25, 2024
Level 4. September 11-15, 2024
The workshop takes place in Podkowa Leśna near Warsaw, in a stationary form with accommodation in the Krzysin Guesthouse
Price: PLN 2,900 / level
The price includes a five-day course, accommodation (4 nights in 2-3 person rooms, each with a bathroom and shower) and meals (5 dinners). Possibility to buy breakfast at the guesthouse (PLN 35)
tel: 789 125 599
Please submit your applications by completing and sending the Application Form, which can be downloaded here Event on Facebook here
Application deadline: April 15, 2024 To reserve a place, you must pay an advance payment of PLN 300 to the account of the Krzysin Guesthouse. For people who make an advance payment by March 1, 2024, the price is PLN 2,700 Bank transfer details: Bank Spoldzielczy 24 9291 0001 0098 7460 3000 0010
Pensjonat Krzysin
Sienkiewicza 7, 05-807 Podkowa Leśna
Application deadline: April 15, 2024
+48 789 125 599